Huber Engineered Wood Submits Revised Environmental Assessment Worksheet to the Cohasset, MN City Council

Huber Engineered Woods of Charlotte, NC submitted a revised Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) on Tuesday (1-18-22) to the City of Cohasset, Minnesota. Huber is hoping to win the city’s approval to construct a 750,000 square-foot mill on about 400 acres adjacent to Minnesota Power’s Boswell Energy Center in Cohasset, which was originally announced in June of 2021.

Huber submitted their original EAW in November of 2021. The revised EAW is the result of several groups criticizing the original EAW for lacking sufficient environmental impact information. Many called for a full Environmental Impact Statement to be performed on the project before allowing it to move forward.

Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy said the city has received the revised EAW. Hagy says Huber Engineered Woods made several changes to the EAW. “There are some substantial changes to the carbon footprint,” Hagy said. “The carbon footprint has actually gone to the negative.”

Other changes include the exchange of wetlands and data on timber resources, Hagy said. The five-member city council will in early March make a decision on the EAW’s adequacy, he said. “We’re going to roll it out February 8,” Hagy said. “Then, there will be a comment period to Feb. 24 when written comments can be submitted. On March 8, we will make a decision.”

According to Huber, the revised EAW comes after reviewing comments and consulting with local citizens, state agencies, and other interested parties. Much of the plant’s energy needs will be met by wood fuels, said the company. The effects of carbon sequestered in finished wood products produced at the plant is also part of the revised EAW, according to the company. Net emissions of the plant each year would equal minus 55,740 tons of carbon — a net carbon reduction to the state and world, according to the company.

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Huber Engineered Woods updates plans for Cohasset facility