Lumber Markets Status and Trends (LMST)

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FEA’s Lumber Market Status & Trends (LMST) service members receive weekly and monthly reports that analyze the spectrum of current market variables affecting lumber markets.

These include discussions and reviews of monetary and fiscal policies, housing market conditions, lumber trade, lumber supply and capacity, regional mill costs and margins and an assessment of likely near-term price trends based on the above.

Each report includes a synopsis of current macroeconomic conditions and lumber market indicators including the following sectors:

  • Indicators influencing homebuilding
  • Trends and changes in lumber end-use
  • Trends and changes in supply chain in- and out-flows and their impact on inventories
  • Trade conditions
  • Regional manufacturing cost, price and profit margins

In addition, members receive access to Crystal Gauvin and Henry Spelter, authors of the LMST.