Vaagen Fiber Canada’s Midway Mill Resumes Operation After a Four-Week Planned Shutdown

Vaagen Fibre Canada’s Midway Mill is back in operation following a four-week planned shutdown, which started on April 4, 2022. Plant Manager Darryl Reekie said the shutdown was a way to conduct a thorough check-up on the health of all machinery and ensure a smooth-running operation for the remainder of the year.

Reekie added that, “During this year’s shutdown, the mill had numerous employees working on their work centers, trying to make improvements. There are things they believe they can do to make their work more efficient for them and their coworkers. Taking this opportunity is worth it.”

“The shutdown helps us increase our overall efficiency, and the quality of the way the equipment runs with less wear and tear,” Reekie continued. “This time we’ve spent, will also improve the quality for the workers, because the job will get a little bit easier for them with smoother-running machinery.”

Despite the shutdown, all workers were on-hand and there were no layoffs. From those taking apart pieces, to welding, to assisting with fire watch, to providing expert advice, everyone came together to make this a successful shutdown.

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