The San Group Contemplating Building a Sawmill in the Terrace, B.C. Area

According to an article in the Terrace Standard newspaper, just weeks after announcing it was spending $100 million in Port Alberni, the San Group, based in Port Alberni, B.C., is now expressing its interest in building a sawmill in the Terrace, B.C. area. According to the article, the sawmill would process wood the company already acquires in the area and typically ships out for processing.

Kamal Sanghera, CEO of San Group, told the Terrace Standard, “This area (Terrace) fits well with us since we can connect our operations in Port Alberni with barges.” If the company proceeds with its plan, Sanghera said it would need 40 to 50 acres for a mill producing 50 to 60 million board feet of lumber a year that would cost approximately $60 million to build.

In a visit to Terrace June 9, San Group president Suki Sanghera said it wants to build a sawmill to process wood it already acquires here and ships out for processing and has plans to acquire more. Sanghera and John Langstroth, the company’s vice president of sales operations, met with staff from the City of Terrace, keying on the prospect of securing a spot at the Skeena Industrial Development Park just south of the Northwest Regional Airport. City of Terrace economic development manager Deklan Corstanje said discussions are still in their initial stages, but it is “a really positive looking development.”

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Forestry company San Group eyes Terrace for northwest B.C expansion