Skeena Sawmills Announces Terrace, BC, Facility Will Only Operate 50% Of the Time

Skeena Sawmills in Terrace, BC, informed employees on Monday (10-24-22) that the company is facing the highest fiber costs in recent memory. As a result, forecasting operational plans is getting more challenging.

Therefore, according to Lionel Chabot, the plant manager, the mill will be operating 50% of the time going forward from now and into the New Year. Chabot in a letter to employees advised them to register for unemployment insurance to cover the off weeks.

The last day for the mill and its planer was October 24th, with plans to reopen on November 14th based on log delivery expectations. Then, production is to resume until November 24th, followed by another closure until December 5th. The mill will then run until December 9th, at which time it will close until after Christmas. It is expected that the planer should be able to run until December 16th or 23rd, depending on inventory.

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