Sierra Pacific Industries Announces Significant Investment at Its Eugene, Oregon, Manufacturing Facility

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI), a third-generation, family-owned forest products company based in Anderson, California, announced Friday (2-17-23) that it plans to make a significant investment at its Eugene, Oregon, manufacturing facility.

According to the SPI press release, the company is building a new cutting mill and state-of-the-art stud mill to replace the existing sawmill facilities. When completed sometime between 2025 and 2026, SPI expects the Eugene complex to have an annual production capacity of 650 million board feet, compared to the existing facility capacity of over 350 million board feet. This would make the facility one of the largest in the US.

SPI has also begun construction of a new trucking facility and new engineering, technology, and fabrication facility, with completion estimated in the fall of 2023. These new facilities will expand efficiencies for the site and support the design, fabrication, and construction of the new sawmills. The new mills are planned for construction offline, alongside existing mill facilities. This will allow SPI to maintain full employment and operations during construction, moving into the new facilities as they are completed.

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