Prince Albert Pulp Inc. Hoping to Start Construction on New Facility in Mid-2023

With a goal of starting construction no later than May of 2023, and with pulp operations starting by the end of 2024, Project Operations Director Carlo Dal Monte, representing the Price Albert Pulp Inc. (PAPI), says that the company is still waiting to receive final approval on their construction plans.

Dal Monte provided an update on the restart project on Tuesday (8-16-22) during an event broadcast on Facebook Live, as well as the PAPI website. Dal Monte said the project is looking good, and he’s confident about where it’s headed. However, he acknowledged that there was some uncertainty, noting that as of right now the PAPI project still remains subject to permitting approvals and market conditions.

During his presentation, Dal Monte shared details about greenhouse gas emissions, the mill’s effluent treatment plant, air emissions, and other environmental components of the project along with physical details of the project and the mill itself.

In highlighting the benefit of the project to the province, Dal Monte said that benefits to the province included 1,292 full time jobs including direct, indirect, and induced employment in Prince Albert and the wood supplying areas primarily near Prince Albert. That includes 500 plus new jobs in the Indigenous and rural communities.

Also mentioned was the support for the existing sawmill industry by providing a downstream customer and supporting that supply chain. There will also be a diversion of bark from existing open burners to produce green power for the system. They also forecast $450 million in economic development for the province and $1.3 million in property taxes paid to the city of Prince Albert.

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