Prairie Wood Products Sawmill in Grant County, Oregon, Reopens After 13-Year Closure

Closed in 2008 during the Great Recession, and reopened briefly only to close again in 2009, the Prairie Wood Product Sawmill in Grant County, Oregon, reopened in early July 2022 after sitting idle for more than 13-years.

The mill has already hired 25 workers and is looking to employ 25 more as production ramps up. The mill will primarily be producing 8’ & 9’ stud trims in White Fir and Doug Fir, with some Lodge Pole Pine mixed in.

Oregon Public Radio’s Orlando Hernandez sat down with Jodi Westbrooks, the president of Prairie Wood Products, and her son Kyle Westbrooks, its business development manager, to learn more about what prompted them to reopen the mill facility after years of it being closed and how they are handling inflations and other current business challenges. A recording of that interview is available in the attached story.

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