Peak Renewable Resources CEO Says Company to Produce 600,000 Ton of Pellets Per Year

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Peak Renewables says they will produce 600,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year
Peak Renewable Resources participated in a Zoom meeting with members of the Fort Nelson B.C. Chamber of Commerce to discuss their upcoming new pellet plant to be located in Fort Nelson. CEO of Peak Renewable, Brian Baarda, explained what Peak Renewable does and how their plants work. Also present for the meeting was Peace River North MLA Dan Davies, MP Bob Zimmer and Fort Nelson Mayor Gary Foster, as well as other members of the Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce. Baarda explained that the Fort Nelson pellet plant will be the first project for Peak Renewables. It is estimated that the plant will bring in around 450 jobs to the area, including people working in the plant, the field, and spillover jobs in the community, like restaurants, hotels, people to maintain equipment, etc. Roughly 250 jobs will be within the plant or mill itself, including operators, tradespeople, and management. Baarda also mentions that around 600,000 tons of wood pellets will be produced each year by Peak Renewable. The plant is looking to be active by early 2022, and the plant design has already been completed.

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