Paper Excellence Extends Crofton Pulp and Paper Mill Curtailment Through September

The Chemainus Valley Courier reported on Tuesday (8-29-23) that employees at the Paper Excellence Crofton pulp and paper mill in BC will not be returning to work at the end of August as planned.

Paper Excellence Vice-President of Environment, Health, Safety, and Communication Graham Kissack told the Chemainus Valley Courier that employees were notified on Monday that the curtailment has been extended for the third time until the end of September. “That’s for all operations—the kraft mill as well as the paper mill.”

“We’re watching the market very closely. Global prices for pulp and paper, they are absolutely in the tank,” Kissack added. “It’s tough on everybody, especially some of our employees who are now out of work. We appreciate all the good efforts they make. This decision to remain curtailed is not a reflection of their hard work.”

Kissack says the plan now is to start up the mill at the end of September, but “it’s contingent upon the recovery of the market prices.”

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