EACOM Timber Investing in New Continuous Dry Kiln for Elk Lake Sawmill

EACOM Timber Corporation, a major Eastern Canadian wood products company, which owns and operates seven sawmills, a remanufacturing facility, and an engineered I-joist plant, today announced it was investing $8.9M to equip its Elk Lake sawmill with a new, state-of-the art, continuous dry kiln (CDK). The CDK kiln is expected to be fully operational by early fall and will allow for continuous drying of lumber, reducing production bottlenecks and energy consumption. In addition to being more energy efficient, the new system will eliminate the use of both diesel fuel and propane which are currently being used as part of the energy mix for heating the buildings on-site and two kilns. Going forward, all building heat and the new CDK will be exclusively powered by direct fired natural gas, a much cleaner energy source. In speaking about the investment EACOM President and CEO Kevin Edgson said, “This significant investment in Elk Lake is a testament not only to EACOM’s commitment to technological innovation and being best-in-class, but also to our long-term vision for this region. Built over 50 years ago, this mill has thrived alongside the community thanks to sustainable forestry practices, and now, with this latest addition, we are confident it will be an important partner for many more years to come.”

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EACOM Timber invests in Elk Lake Sawmill with New Continuous Dry Kiln