Delmarva Lumber Company Opens in Willards, MD and Hopes to Help All Businesses Along the Lumber Supply Chain

A ribbon cutting ceremony held today (5-26-21) marked the opening of Delmarva Lumber Company. Delmarva is located on former site of the Cropper Bros. Lumber Company in Willards, MD, which was closed in 2018. The new owner and entrepreneur, Ezra Rickard, said at the event, “It feels wonderful, it’s an honor truly and honor to be able to rebuild relationships in the community, with loggers, tree owners the entire process all the way down.” Rickards invested in the restoration of the mill, partnering with Farmers Bank of Willards’ to secure funding for the renewal. “This town was built around the sawmill. It shuttered around three and a half years ago. My involvement with the Farmers Bank of Willards as a member of the board, we felt the need for the community and I’m just somebody who, luck of the draw I guess, stepped up said I was willing to do it,” said Rickards. Rickards says the mill has over one million board feet of timber ready to start being shipped. He hopes it will be able to help businesses all along the lumber supply chain.

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New lumber mill opens in Willards