Anthony Timberlands to Pause Production at Its Malvern Sawmill Facility for a Month

Steven M. Anthony, President of Anthony Timberlands, Inc. (ATI), announced that effective Saturday (1-7-23), its sawmill operation located in Malvern, Arkansas, will pause for one month. Lumber inventory levels will be drawn down at the facility’s planner mill, at which point it too will pause operations.

In a press release, ATI said that recent actions by facility neighbors, downstream landowners, and local government officials have led ATI to determine that running the operation at this time is not in the company’s best interest.

ATI also said that once the facility’s Remediation and Maintenance Plan is in place during the month shutdown, ATI will evaluate its options going forward. The company cautioned that the closure of the facility will cost the local economy 189+ jobs and $12 million in annual payroll.

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