Maine’s Hancock Lumber Announces Purchase of Lapointe Lumber

Maine’s Hancock Lumber, a seventh-generation integrated forest products company, which currently operates nine existing lumber yards, eight kitchen design showrooms, three sawmills, truss and wall panel manufacturing facilities, and timberlands, has announced that it has agreed to purchase Lapointe Lumber, a fourth-generation building materials supplier, with facilities in the Augusta and Gardiner markets. The purchase will provide Lapointe with an additional, unique set of manufacturing and distribution resources that can be added to its existing product and service offerings. In commenting on the purchase, CEO Kevin Hancock said that, “Hancock Lumber is excited to be uniting with the employees, customers, suppliers, and communities served by Lapointe Lumber. Lapointe has a long-standing family-business legacy of integrity and quality. The company represents the essence of what’s best about doing business in Maine. We’re honored to help shape and support the future of that already strong tradition.”

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