EACOM Timber to Invest $10 million to Upgrade Housing at Gogama Mill

Recognizing that workers in remote areas live a large portion of the year on the sawmill’s site, EACOM Timber company has announced its intention to invest $10 million (CAD) to replace the Gogama sawmill’s aging housing facilities. Currently workers not only work 13-hours for 7-days per week but are responsible for cooking and cleaning for themselves.

Michael Leitch, the Gogama sawmill manager said about the investment, “The idea is to get rid of some of these older units, that are well past their life and are very expensive to maintain, knock them down and introduce maintained living quarters for these guys. Having somewhere that has a food service, when we’re out in the middle of nowhere, is a benefit to people and hopefully they see that and there’s more interest to work somewhere remote like this.”

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$10M housing facility coming to Gogama sawmill