Uzbekistan Now One of the Top 5 Users of Belarusian Sawn Timber on the Belarusian Commodity Exchange

The Belarusian Commodity Exchange (BUCE) Head of Foreign Relations Aleksandr Bashily announced that in the 8-month period between January and August, Uzbekistan entered the top five markets for sawn timber on the exchange, according to the Belarus News Agency (BelTA), the country’s state-owned news agency.

The other largest buyers for Belarusian sawn products include China, Azerbaijan, Singapore, and Russia. In total, transactions to buy wood products at BUCE were concluded by companies from 15 different states.

“The export of domestic wood products to Uzbekistan increased more than 8.5 times over January–August last year, and there are all grounds to believe that the good dynamics will remain in place. One of the reasons is a higher number of bidders from Uzbekistan. In particular, this year transactions to buy sawn timber were made by 18 companies from Uzbekistan, most of which joined BUCE over the past three to four months. In general, the number of accredited resident companies from Uzbekistan has reached 80 by now, a sharp rise from only 45 at the start of the year,” Bashliy said, according to BelTA.


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