Sveaskog, Sweden’s Largest Forest Owner, Raises Timber Prices

Citing strong demand for green raw materials, Sveaskog announced (1-16-24) that it is raising the prices for private forest owners who sell their wood to Sveaskog. Sveaskog is Sweden’s largest forest owner.

Sveaskog’s timber price lists are being adjusted upwards for most parts of the country.

  • For sawlogs, prices are being adjusted upwards between SEK 80 and 100 per m3 sub.
  • For pulpwood, prices are being adjusted upwards by SEK 25 per m3 sub. With the increase, the price for softwood pulpwood is now SEK 500 per m3 sub.

In a brief explanation for the price increases, Sveaskog said that it wants to contribute to active forestry by private forest owners and strengthen the value of the Swedish forest.

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