Koskisen Oy Investing in Kärkölä, Finland Sawmill

Koskisen Oy, one of the largest privately owned wood processing companies, has entered into a supply agreement with Hekotek AS for new sawmill equipment to be delivered to their new wood processing unit in Kärkölä, Järvelä, Finland. Koskisen’s production facilities in Järvelä form Finland’s biggest mechanical wood processing integrates, where almost 100% of the wood raw material is used in its own processes.

Koskisen will be investing 48 million euros, with production scheduled to start in the summer of 2023. The new unit’s annual production will initially be 400,000 m3 of softwood sawn timber. The investment is a continuation of the processing capacity expansion which began in 2020 and the power plant investment in which heat production was converted entirely to biofuel.

All of the equipment supplied by Hekotek is designed and manufactured on the basis of particularly high technological requirements, where the share of human labor in the entire production process has been minimized. The equipment supplied by Hekotek will ensure the supply of logs at different speeds, first to the log peeler and then to a state-of-the-art saw line. Log handling speeds range from 70-200m/min, which corresponds to a feed of up to 40 logs per minute.

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