Binderholz Group Completes Acquisition of British BSW Timber Company

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Binderholz Group acquires largest British sawmill group

Binderholz UK Holding GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austrian Binderholz Group, is reporting that it has successfully completed the acquisition of the British BSW Timber Company, based in Earlston, Scotland.

With the purchase, Binderholz Group becomes Europe’s largest sawmill and solid wood processing industry company. It is estimated that with the acquisition Binderholz Group, in 2022, will have a cumulative annual turnover of €2.6 billion and around 5,000 employees. The brand name BSW will be retained after integration into the Binderholz Group, and the current management will continue to lead the company.

In commenting on the acquisition’s completion Reinhard Binder, Owner and CEO of Binderholz said, “This step strengthens Binderholz’s positioning in the growing British market, which is characterized by high demand for sawn timber, solid wood, timber construction and DIY products. The Green Economy ideal is being actively lived in Great Britain, which has been reflected in the constant growth rates in carbon dioxide-neutral timber construction over the years. With our products, we optimally cover these market needs and plan investments that go further into depth of the value-added chain.”

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