Milwaukee Wisconsin’s World’s Tallest Timber Skyscraper Taking Shape

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is soon to be home of the world’s tallest timber skyscraper. What is special about the Milwaukee project is its height. When the high-end apartment complex opens in 2022, it will top the height of the world’s current tallest wood structure that is now in Norway. Architect Jason Korb designed the 25-story building that will stretch to the sky. The construction process is underway with several pieces of deep foundation being welded together. Soon those pile foundation pieces will be driven down 165 feet deep into the ground. Tim Gokhman, the developer says that while steel and concrete do factor into the project, its focal point is a warehouse full of timber manufactured specifically for this project. Gokhman went onto explain that, “They’re actually fairly standard pieces of dimensional lumber. Softwood species, like Douglas fir and southern yellow pine, are harvested, milled and groomed for what is called dimensional stability. “They’re being glued, pressed together in a factory and because it’s being done by machine it is infinitely more precise.”

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World's Tallest Timber Tower Rising In Milwaukee