Finland’s Forest Industry Want to Help Maine’s Forest Industry Thrive

What do the State of Maine and the country of Finland have in common? At first you might think not much. However, there are more similarities than you may imagine. To begin with both, have a long and honored history of harvesting forestlands. Over the last several years both have seen mill closures and a significant change in the paper industry. Over the last decade, Finland has invested financially, in research and development, to make their forest industry into a thriving, sustainable bioeconomy. Maine leaders would like to make a carbon-copy of Finland’s success. Neither Finnish nor Maine leaders see this as competition, but that as an opportunity to grow together. The Finland-Maine trade and study mission was scheduled to take place in June. COVID-19 changed the travel plans but it didn’t stop the goal, focusing on 100% resource utilization from the forest industry. A webinar was held today (8/20) with 37 Maine companies participating in the exploration of how Finland is making their bioeconomy grow. On the surface, it appears as if Finland is giving more than its taking, but government and industry over there see it as a way of solving global issues, and they want to be on the leading edge.

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