American Wood Council Praises the Passage of rec National Defense Authorization Act

The American Wood Council (AWC), a voice for the North American wood products manufacturing, representing 86% of the structural wood products industry, is applauding the passage of the rec National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Included in the bill are directions to Secretaries of Defense and Agriculture to review the potential to incorporate innovative wood products in constructing or renovating facilities owned or managed by the Department of Defense and issue a report to Congress. This includes the use of mass timber building techniques. In prepared remarks to the bill’s passage AWC President Jackson Morrill said, “The Department of Defense identified climate change as a serious national security threat in 2014. “Innovative wood products, including mass timber, are part of the climate solution. One study found that substituting wood for other materials used in buildings and bridges could prevent 14 to 31 percent of global carbon emissions.”

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American Wood Council applauds mass timber provisions in NDAA