American Wood Council Congratulates State of Georgia for Passing Tall Mass Timber Legislation

Robert Glowinski, President and CEO of the American Wood Council (AWC), which is the voice of North American wood products manufacturing, issued a statement following Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp’s signing of HB 777, which directs the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and its State Codes Advisory Committee to look at and evaluate the International Code Council’s (ICC) 2021 tall mass timber building code changes for early adoption. The agency will begin its review this summer and complete its work by July 1, 2021. Glowinski’s statement says, “The entire construction industry is changing and AWC applauds Georgia for helping revolutionize the places we live and work. Mass timber, which includes cross-laminated timber, is a new category of wood products that will transform how America builds. We’ve seen interest in it continue to grow over the last several years because architects and engineers have recognized the significant environmental benefits that are possible from using a strong, low-carbon alternative to the traditional materials used in tall buildings.”

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