Adera Development Doubles Down on Building Mass Timber Homes in Vancouver

Adera Development has announced it is doubling its commitment to build mass timber homes in the Metro Vancouver market. Adera is a Vancouver-based residential and commercial developer, that is among the most active developers of mass timber homes in North America. With hundreds of homes already in the development and construction process, Adera has set the target of adding at least 1,000 new sustainably built mass timber homes to the region by 2025. Adera is fully engaged in their role to help turn B.C. into a global hub for mass timber excellence, including manufacturing, design and construction. In a statement, Rocky Sethi, Adera Development COO, said “Mass timber is B.C.’s opportunity to leverage our immense natural resources and build homes using this leading-edge material, creating regional jobs which will support our economic recovery, and provide affordable housing for residents of our province.”

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