U.S. Household’s Market Values Increase in Q2 2020, Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the second quarter of 2020 Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Report, the COVID-19 pandemic did not impact household’s market values. On the contrary, household market values continued to rise throughout all of Q2 of 2020. In Q2 the combined value of all household mortgages rose by $80 billion to  $10.6 trillion, while the collective value of the house holds’ market value, i.e., that of all owner-occupied real estate including vacant land and mobile homes, increased by $450 billion to $30.8 trillion. The result was an increase in net equity by $370 billion to $20.2 trillion. In Q1 of 2020 the net equity stood at $19.8 trillion.  Another recent study by the Federal Reserve showed that homeowners were spending funds on home improvements and home maintenance. Which they concluded will aid in future values for homes.

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