U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down in February 2020 and Year-Over-Year

The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (ICS) rates the level of current and future economic conditions in the U.S. The ICS tracks consumer sentiment in the US, based on surveys on random samples of ~ 500 US households. The index aids in measuring consumer sentiments in personal finances, business conditions, among other topics. Historically, the index displays pessimism in consumers’ confidence during recessionary periods, and increased consumer confidence in expansionary periods. The latest ICS was released today, Friday (2-12-21) and is at a current level of 76.20, down from January’s reading of 79.00 and down from February 2020 reading of 101.00. A change of -3.54 from last months and -24.55% year-over-year.

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US Index of Consumer Sentiment 76.20 for Feb 2021