Total Value of Building Permits in Canada Increased 11.9% in August

Statistics Canada (StatCan) reported today (10-5-22) that the total value of building permits in Canada increased 11.9% in August to $12.5 billion (CAD). On a constant dollar basis (2012=100), the total value of building permits increased 10.0% to $7.5 billion.

Residential permits in August increased 12.0% to $8.4 billion nationally. Significant gains in Ontario offset losses reported in seven other provinces. Construction intentions in the single-family home sector inched 0.4% higher during the month. The value of building permits in the multi-family component increased 22.2%, largely due to an 85.3% increase in Ontario.

The total permit value of the non-residential sector increased 11.8% to $4.0 billion. The value of building permits in the industrial component rebounded with an 18.1% increase. Industrial permit values sharply increased by 39.1%. However, construction intentions in the commercial sector declined 1.4% in August.

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