Ontario and Canada Investing in Clean Energy Products Using Forest Biomass

The governments of Ontario and Canada jointly announced on Tuesday (12-13-22) that they are investing $11.3 million (CAD) to expand CHAR Technologies’ facility in Thorold, Ontario, to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) and biocarbon. The move will create the largest facility of its kind in Canada and the only RNG facility in the country to exclusively use wood biomass.

Joint funding is being made available through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program, as well as Ontario’s own Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program.

By providing alternative fuels, the project will directly reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30,000 tons per year. Diverting mill by-products from landfill will further avoid and reduce indirect emissions by as much as 30,000 tons annually, with the combined effect equivalent to taking 18,000 cars off the road.

The expansion of the CHAR Thorold facility will create approximately 40 new direct and indirect jobs, as well as create 20 construction jobs.

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