FEA’s Weekly Order Survey Respondents are Reporting Their Sales Continue to Accelerate

Dealers responding to this week’s Weekly Order Survey remain positive about their current business’ status and are reporting that their sales continue to accelerate. They are also in the process of bidding on several projects, which if their bids are successful, will keep them busy for the remainder of the third and a good portion of the fourth quarter. Our survey respondents identified three major areas of concern: 1) Skyrocketing prices, many of which have eclipsed their previous high levels set during the 2004 housing boom. 2)The increase in the number of active COVID-19 cases throughout the U.S. And 3) late shipments due to ongoing production and transportation issues, which are starting to impact jobsite material availability. Producers are quoting production for the weeks of 8/31 – 9/14, but because they are currently shipping 2 -8 weeks behind schedule, those dates are less meaningful than usual. Office wholesalers, along with local and national 2-step distributors are all reporting that they have very limited inventory or ownership that is available for quick shipment. Which in turn is making late mill shipments all the more frustrating for dealers.

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