Builders are Reporting COVID-19 Impact on Their Business is Growing

Builders responding to the latest NAHB online poll in regards to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are reporting that the virus is definitely impacting their traffic. The survey results are based on 256 participants and were collected between March 31st and April 6th. The largest number of respondents identify themselves as single-family home builders; and most held the title of owner, president or CEO. According to the poll 96% of the respondents are reporting some adverse effect on traffic, and 72% saying it was having a major adverse effect. The top 5 adverse impacts have been identified as: 1) Cancellations or delays of existing remodeling projects. 2) Homeowners’ concerns about interacting with remodeling crews. 3) How long it takes to obtain a plan review for a typical single-family home. 4) The rate at which inquiries for remodeling work are coming in. 5) How long it takes the local building department to respond to a request for an inspection.

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