Builder Activity Close to Traditional Mid-November Levels

Dealers responding to FEA’s Weekly Order Survey are reporting that their sales are in close alignment with traditional mid-November levels. A small number of dealers did mention that a few projects that had been postponed in Q3 were in the process of beginning to ramp up with materials scheduled to begin shipping to the jobsite early to mid-next week. Interest rates that are at or near record low levels continue to draw buyers into the housing markets and as a result, the ongoing shortage of available new and existing homes for sale continues nationwide. Having been out of the markets for several weeks, many buyers found themselves low on inventory and forced to decide whether to rejoin the markets or daring to do without. As a result, the lumber and panel markets continue in a state of flux. Eastern and Western SPF, Green Douglas Fir, along with Southern Pine dimensional lumber and plywood have all found a trading level and many items have established modestly extended production schedules and their prices have moved higher over the course of the week. OSB along with Coastal and Inland dimensional lumber and Western Fir Rated Sheathing continue in various stages of a price correction. However, producers and even secondaries are less willing to accept large counteroffers as demand picks up on these products as well.

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FEA Weekly Order Survey Results