Americans Continue to Want to be Homeowners

According to the latest National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Housing Trend Report (HTR) for Q2 of 2021, 17% of American adults polled indicated that they are considering the purchase of a home within a year. The share (now seasonally adjusted) has increased for five quarters in a row, after hitting a series low in Q1 of 2020 of 10%. The HTR also reports that 64% of those prospective buyers in Q2 of 2021 are first-time buyers — the highest share in the history of this series. The record high comes after three consecutive quarterly increases in the share of 1st-timers. The Northeast is the region of the country with the largest share of adults planning a home purchase in Q2 of 2021, at 20%. In Q1, the share was only 8%. All other regions also saw a significant increase during this period: 8% to 13% in the Midwest, 11% to 17% in the South, and 11% to 17% in the West.

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Desire for Homeownership Continues to Increase