A Closer Look at Construction Employment Data for June

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, with further analysis provided by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the construction unemployment rate hovered below 2% in June in 10 states but was as high as 6.5% in New Mexico.

The national unemployment rate for construction in June was at 3.7%, slightly higher than the overall US unemployment rate of 3.6%.

According to ABC, the residential sector continued to outpace nonresidential for employment and had 112,000 more workers than before the pandemic, despite recent pullbacks in the housing market. Nonresidential employment was still 66,000 jobs below its pre-pandemic peak.

The states with the lowest construction unemployment rate in June, according to ABC, were Idaho and Nebraska tied at 0.9%, followed by South Dakota at 1.3%, Utah at 1.5%, and Minnesota at 1.6%.

The states with the highest construction unemployment rate in June were Delaware at 5.4%, followed by Michigan at 5.7%, New York at 5.8%, West Virginia at 6.3%, and New Mexico at 6.5%.

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