Great Plains MDF Production Inc., Announces Plan to Build to New Facility in Stettler Alberta

In a press release, The Great Plains MDF Production Inc., officially announced that they intended to make Stettler Alberta the home of their new  $ 750 million straw fiber Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) plant. When operational, the plant will feature a “1,000,000 square foot main factory which will house 70-metre and 40m continuous press lines.” Unlike traditional MDF manufacturing using wood, the Great Plains MDF plant will produce the MDF using straw. Unlike the wood, which is a renewable source requiring 25 to 40 years to mature and be usable for manufacturing, straw can be grown annually. Additionally, according to information provided by Great Plains MDF, MDF produced out of straw is 14 per cent lighter than that produced with wood and requires less resin and other additives to produce the product. Before construction can begin, the project needs to go through three or four months of public and regulatory approvals. Once the approvals are in place, it is estimated that the plant will begin producing MDF within twenty months

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