Extra Alarm Fire Reported at GP Mount Jewett Medium Fiberboard Plant

There were no reported injuries at an extra alarm fire at the Georgia Pacific Medium Density Fiberboard plant in Mount Jewett, Pennsylvania early on Monday morning (5-17-21). Fire department crews from Mount Jewett, Hamlin Township, Kane, Smethport, Lafayette Township, Wilcox, Johnsonburg, and Crystal VFD of St. Marys responded to the facility about 2:00 AM on Monday morning for a fire and the fire was reported under control about 3:45 AM. Fire crews were called back to the facility at 3:45 PM that afternoon for a ‘hot spot in the ceiling.’ GP spokesperson Rick Kimble when asked about the scope of blaze said, “This is a fairly large industrial complex. There are no small fires.” Kimble explained that facility is equipped with an automated, industrial sprinkler system. “They worked exactly as they were designed.”

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No injuries in blaze at MDF plant in Mount Jewett