Canadian Pacific Railway to Reopen Line Between Kamloops and Vancouver on Tuesday

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) said on Monday (11-22-21) that it expects to reopen its rail line from Kamloops to Vancouver by midday on Tuesday (11-23-21). According to a statement released by Keith Creel, CP president and CEO, the railway will be working to “clear the backlogs as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Creel added that, “The following 10 days will be critical. As we move from response to recovery to full-service resumption, our focus will be on working with customers to get the supply chain back in sync.”

It is unclear, however, when exactly CN’s rail lines will be running again. The company said on Friday that it expected to have repairs completed this week.

Both railways’ lines between Kamloops and Vancouver have been shut down since Nov. 15 after heavy rain brought floods and landslides. This week is expected to bring more storms to the region.

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CP to resume Vancouver rail service Tuesday