Oregon Board of Forestry Approves Changes to the Forest Practice Act

At a special board meeting held on Wednesday (10-26-22), the Oregon Board of Forestry approved more than 100 changes to the Forest Practice Act. The rules changes are a result of the mediated and groundbreaking Private Forest Accord (PFA) that brought together representatives from the timber industry and conservation groups. The approved changes will impact timber harvesting activities on more than 10 million acres of private and non-federal forests in the state.

The goal of the PFA and the Forest Practices Act rule changes is to provide long-term certainty to industry while providing enhanced protection to critical aquatic species.

In addition to the rule changes, recent legislation also funded the creation of a small forestland owner assistance office, established of tax credits to small landowners, started the development of a habitat conservation plan for aquatic species, and made investment in training and outreach.

For more information on the Forest Practices Act and Private Forest Accord, visit the Oregon Department of Forestry PFA website.

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