Nova Scotia’s Forests Remain Active Despite the Closure of the Northern Pulp Mill in January

At the end of January, when the Northern Pulp mill closed its doors, unable to secure governmental environmental approval to build a new effluent treatment facility, many local residents believed that their hopes of clear cutting coming to an end in the province was close at hand. As of now Northern Pulp is not in operation, however according to the Nova Scotia’s Lands and Forestry Minister, Iain Rankin, log harvesting continues at pre-shutdown levels because sawmills have the same demand for stud wood and sawlogs that they did before pulp mill shut down. In an interview on Wednesday (9/23), Rankin said that Northern Pulp’s access to Crown land and volumes were renewed in August for another year because the sawmills still need supply. Rankin went onto say that it also means the sector is able retain the skill and expertise of the people working in the woods.  Meanwhile, Rankin and his department officials remain focused on trying to diversify the industry and help find new markets. He is confident that by next July, there will be new options for the industry beyond simply renewing access for Northern Pulp.

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