Biomass from Hurricane Michael Will Help Honduras Generate Electrical Power and More

According to Jim McKnight, Gulf County Florida’s Economic Development Coalition Director, an outlet for non-merchantable timber, such as the woody material left behind after Hurricane Michael devastated the Panhandle’s timberland’s in October 2018 has been found. An agreement has been reached and announced between the Port St. Joe Port Authority and the Twin Rivers Company, based in Perry, Georgia, to export woody biomass to Honduras for the use of electrical power generation. In a press release, Clay Crosby, owner and CEO of Twin Rivers Company, Inc., said, “this is a long-term project that has been in the works for many years. With it we are able to help mitigate some of the high cleanup costs landowners are still dealing with throughout the area. Because there is still some damage from Hurricane Michael, and the fact that the port will need further dredging so harbor pilots are willing to escort larger barges in and out, the wood, after it is chipped onsite, will be taken to Tampa, and then relayed to Honduras.”

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