British Columbia Announces Mass Timber Action Plan, Part of the StrongerBC Economic Plan

On Thursday (4-7-22), Ravi Kahlon, British Columbia’s Minster of Jobs, Economic Recovery, and Innovation, announced BC’s Mass Timber Action Plan. The plan comes with $1.2 million (CAD) in funding for four new mass-timber housing and infrastructure projects, as part of the StrongerBC Economic Plan.

The new mass timber projects range from multi-family homes to mixed-use commercial and industrial buildings, with three located in Vancouver and one in Castlegar. The Mass Timber Action Plan shows that BC could have as many as 10 new mass-timber manufacturers by 2035.

Kahlon sees mass timber as a win-win-win for BC. “It allows us to reduce our carbon footprint from construction; it adds value to our forestry sector; and it provides new opportunities for jobs, growth, and innovation in every corner of the province.”

BC’s Minister of State for Trade and chair of the Mass Timber Advisory Council, George Chow said he is excited to establish BC as a leading innovator and supplier of low-carbon goods and services.

“Building a strong foundation for sustainable forestry will help us accelerate demand for mass-timber product, talent and technology,” Chow explained. He added that mass timber is a central aspect of the StrongerBC Economic Plan and aligns with the province’s climate goals by supporting clean growth and using renewable resources.

BC’s Minister of Forests, Katrine Conroy said that growing BC’s mass timber sector is a key part of the government’s vision for the future of forestry. “The Mass Timber Action Plan will help us transform the forestry industry and ensure workers and communities continue to benefit from secure, innovative jobs for generations to come,” she stated.

Mass timber can reduce carbon emissions by 45% and can match or exceed the structural performance of concrete and steel. Conroy noted that the provincial government has invested $575 million into seven different mass-timber projects at post-secondary institutions throughout BC.

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