USDA Announces Appointment of Four Members to Serve on the Softwood Lumber Board

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Monday (1-9-23) the appointment of four members to serve on the Softwood Lumber Board. Each appointee will serve a three-year term, effective immediately, through December 31, 2025.

The newly appointed members are:

  1. Jim D. Neiman, Hulett, Wyoming, (US West, Small Seat)
  2. Timothy Biewer, St. Clair, Michigan (US Northeast & Lake States, Flex Seat)
  3. Richard K. Stanley, Brewton, Alabama (US South, Small Seat)
  4. Ray Ferris, Vancouver British Columbia, (Importer, Canada West, Large Seat)

The Softwood Lumber Board is comprised of 14 members, including 10 domestic manufactures and four importers. Members can serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.

More information about the board is available on the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Softwood Lumber Board webpage.

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