New Approach to Softwood Lumber Agreement

After nearly 4 decades of a softwood lumber dispute between the U.S. and Canada, with at least 4 agreements and numerous extensions and appeals to the World Trade Organization to recover penalties imposed to by the U.S., little has changed in Canada’s strategy.  The author, Mr. Jim Hilton, is a professional agrologist and forester, who lives in the Cariboo Chilcotin B.C. area and has 40 years of work experience.  Mr. Hilton has taken and expounded on the thoughts of Mr. Tony Kryzanowski, Contributing Editor of the Logging and Sawmilling Journal, in suggesting that the time is right for Canada to press for alternative strategy to the softwood lumber issue. One that is different from the current strategy of going along with duties, and then file complaints with both NAFTA and the WTO.

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