Belarus to Increase Rail Shipments to China

The Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA), Belarus’ largest news agency, reported on Thursday (1-5-23) that the country is increasing freight shipments to China via rail.

In a statement shared with BelTA, Belarusian Transport and Communications Minister Aleksei Avramenko said, “We are increasing freight shipments to China in these conditions. Last year we sent 988 container trains to China. For instance, over 1 million tons of potash fertilizers was transported. Sawn timber, milk powder, and a number of other cargoes were also transported. We have steady growth here, practically an increase by several times. Then there is traffic that travels in container trains between Western Europe and China via Belarus.”

Western sanctions has had an effect on freight transit by rail because massive shipments of Russian cargoes to Europe via Belarus stopped. For instance, shipments of Russian coal. “It constituted virtually 30% of the revenues of Belarusian Railways. This is why we are readjusting this approach now,” Avramenko said.

“And certainly the shipment of foreign trade cargoes, domestic transportation represents the task that we will address as a priority for the sake of the national economy,” Avramenko added. “No doubt, Belarusian Railways is also intent on transporting passengers, on improving the quality of services.”

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