Ernesto Wagner


Ernesto Wagner has more than 20 years of international experience — including Chile, Uruguay, and the United States — in strategic positions in sales and marketing, operations and projects working in real estate development and later for forest products companies like Weyerhaeuser. He continues to be involved in sales and marketing export programs.
Ernesto is FEA’s South America Partner, focusing on integrating his expertise into FEA’s analysis of wood products markets in the Southern Hemisphere.
Ernesto began his career developing real estate before getting his PhD in the United States and moving into the forest products business. Over the course of his career, Ernesto has staffed complete departments from scratch, opened foreign markets, developed business plans, facilitated sales and operations planning, and managed mill operations.

Ernesto’s work has been international and multifaceted. He started as a trader working for North American Industrial Ltd, a company based in Hillsboro, Oregon. Subsequently, he was hired by Weyerhaeuser, where he held several positions in the United States and later in Uruguay. Ernesto’s seven-year tenure at Weyerhaeuser included Marketing Manager for South America, Commercial Manager of Weyerhaeuser Products South America, and Director for South America of Weyerhaeuser Solutions (a consulting firm of Weyerhaeuser).

After returning to Chile in 2011, Ernesto was appointed Deputy General Manager of the Tromen Group, the third-largest Latin American producer of sawn timber at the time. He managed the operations of five sawmills and a plywood mill.

In 2016, Ernesto became Managing Director of V-W Ltda — a sales and marketing consulting company which develops export programs between companies in Brazil, Chile, South Africa, and Uruguay and clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, and the United States.

Ernesto has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Catholic University of Santiago (1994), a master’s degree in Construction Management from the Catholic University of Santiago (1995), and a PhD in Marketing — with a focus on wood products — from Oregon State University (2003).

Ernesto lives in Santiago, Chile. He can be reached by cell at +56 973976341 or by email at

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