Stora Enos and Latvijas Finieris Have Developed a Lignin-Based Resin for Plywood

Collaborating since 2017, Latvijas Finieris and Stora Enso have been working on developing a lignin-based resin ideal for plywood products. The new lignin-based glue significantly reduces the carbon footprint of plywood products all the way from production to final end-use applications without compromising on technical performance. Māris Būmanis, Head of Development Research at Latvijas Finieris said, “Results of industrial production trials show that all technical properties of RIGA Plywood remain unchanged when the environmentally friendly glue RIGA ECOlogical is applied, containing Stora Enso’s kraft lignin Lineo™. Of course, it’s only the beginning. Our aim is to develop completely fossil-free plywood glue in the future, although there is still a lot of research work ahead to achieve that.

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