Interfor Announces Q4 Lumber Production Curtailments Across All Regions

Interfor Corporation on Thursday (10-20-22) announced that it plans to reduce its lumber production output in Q4 by approximately 200 million board feet, or 17% of quarterly capacity, due to current economic conditions and market uncertainty, which have led to reduced lumber demand.

The temporary reduction in output is expected to spread across each of the Interfor’s operating regions, primarily timed around US Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods. The downtime will be used to accelerate ongoing capital and maintenance projects.

According to Interfor, lumber inventories are currently within normal volume parameters, and these production reduction plans are expected to maintain the balance between output and market demand through the remainder of 2022.

Interfor says it currently expects to resume its normal operating schedule in January 2023, but it will be closely monitoring market conditions and adjust its production schedules accordingly.

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