Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. Announces Downtime at Canadian Softwood Lumber Mills and Newsprint Plant

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. has announced that in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on certain business markets, they have curtailed production at seven Canadian locations. Starting this week, Rayonier will cease, or reduce operations at all softwood sawmills located in Ontario and Quebec. Production will also be halted at their newsprint plant in Kapuskasing, Ontario. These curtailments are scheduled to last at least two weeks and may be extended longer depending on market conditions. Existing sales orders will continue to be fulfilled from current inventory and reduced production at the Kapuskasing sawmill. All other facilities, being deemed as ‘essential businesses’,  because the facilities produce a variety of products including many that are critical raw materials for pharmaceutical, food and cleaning products, are expected to operate at normal levels.

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