Six-Story CLT Building in Norway Constructed in Record Time

Global Design News has featured (9-25-23) a six-story commercial and office building in Kristiansand, Norway, dubbed “Lumber 4.” The structure was constructed using a composite structure of CLT and concrete, creating a slim and efficient floor system that spans long distances while also addressing fire and acoustic requirements.

The construction of the building was completed in record time, with detailed planning and construction taking only 12 months. Lumber 4 has demonstrated that it is possible to construct competitive timber buildings when compared to the same technical standard concrete and steel structures.

According to Global Design News, a recessed ground floor constitutes the commercial level, while the five floors above are dedicated office spaces. The existing communication core from adjacent building phases contribute to the lateral stability and access to the office floors. Between the third and fourth floors, an atrium with an internal staircase made of mass timber has been introduced. Wood elements are prominently displayed in the interior, providing warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer. The façade is composed of prefabricated curved wooden elements in pine.

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