FEA’s Paul Jannke Provides His 2023 Lumber Markets Outlook

In a featured article appearing in the Canadian Forestry Newsletter on January 25, 2023, Forest Economic Advisors (FEA) lumber analyst and principal Paul Jannke has provided his expert insight and in-depth analysis of the lumber markets for 2023.

Jannke says that rising interest and mortgage rates will most likely cause economic activity to slow in 2023, painting a gloomy picture for North American housing and lumber markets over the year. However, he sees the 2023 downturn as short-lived for all of lumber’s end-use markets, with the exception of industrial production, and he anticipates a return to growth in 2024.

Jannke says that simmering just below surface are strong fundamentals—record pent-up demand, the large population of adults in their prime home-buying years, record home equity, the aging housing stock, and historically low inventories of home for sale—that contributed to the surge in housing demand during the pandemic.

The entire article is available at the original source.

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