François Robichaud

Partner, Market Intelligence

In his 25 years of experience, François has performed market research across the spectrum of wood markets including engineered wood products, structural components, wood-based panels, fiber-based insulation, and bioproducts.
Although the focus of his work has been North America, François has also completed several projects in Europe. He is an expert in markets for prefabricated building systems and keeps close track of the evolution of the homebuilding industry.
François has authored several studies based on surveys of architects, structural engineers, builders, and other key actors within the wood supply chain. Past projects have examined the evolution of building materials use in homebuilding, prefabrication, markets for structural and appearance products in non-residential construction, structural components, value added products, branding for wood products, cellulose based insulation, and offshore markets for wood products. Through this breadth of work, François has developed a special expertise in wood use in nonresidential and multifamily construction.

In his past roles as a senior researcher and then lead research in forest products marketing, François developed broad capabilities in qualitative and quantitative market analysis, sampling, survey methods, and investment analysis. Most recently, he worked for FPInnovations, a leading research institute covering the entire supply chain for wood products.

François holds a M.Sc. in Forest Economics from Laval and a Ph.D. in Forest Products Marketing from UBC.

François can be reached at +1 (418) 806-4869 or at

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